4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn To Code

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COVID-19 has most definitely resulted in a great shift in our once-normal lives. Its widespread impact can be seen across the world and in all sectors of life. During the pandemic, a lot took up new activities and learned new things, one of which was programming. The pandemic witnessed an increase in the number of people willing to learn to code, as it has now become a new necessity for the lives of the most common man. Though coding is becoming increasingly necessary, a large chunk of the population is still not aware of the exact definition of coding and why it is so important. In this blog, we shall discuss 5 reasons why everyone should learn to code. Keep on reading to know more.


♦ What is Coding?

♦ Types of Coding Languages

♦ Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn to Code

♦ Online Coding Courses

What is Coding?
Let’s begin by having a basic understanding of what coding is. Coding, also referred to as computer programming, is defined as a set of instructions used for making the computer accomplish a particular task. The lines of code are used as a set of instructions to get the computer to perform a task. A set of codes form what we call a program.

Types of Coding Languages
There are numerous coding languages in the world, with most of them used to perform a specific function. Some languages are for all purposes. Below are some popular programming languages you may wish to know :

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. C
  4. C++
  5. PHP
  6. SQL
  7. C#
  8. JavaScript

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn to Code
Having outlined what coding is and a few of the top programming languages, let’s now move on to why everyone needs to learn how to code. Listen, below are 4 of the reasons why everyone should learn how to code.

  1. Enhances Productivity:
    Learning to code teaches you a completely new way of thinking. Once you get to know the basics of programming, you will be able to multitask. In simple terms, you can take up multiple tasks and automate them. You can easily access files, create your programs and save time. Hence, it can be said, learning how to code enhances productivity. You will become more effective and productive at your work.
  2. Build Skills Needed in the Software Industry:
    There is no doubt, that knowing computer programming is a skill-set that most companies today look for when hiring individuals. People with advanced skills in computer programming are highly in demand because of the significant advancement in technology.

These skills are not only sought after in the software industry but in other industries as well. ‌Financial, Health, Agriculture, etc, are all looking for individuals with coding skills. This makes people with skills in programming a suitable fit for most industries. Your chances of finding employment will greatly increase once you learn how to code.

  1. Boosts Confidence:
    Once you become aware that you have a skill that makes you the most sought after in the job market, it gives you a confidence boost. Having the power to solve technical issues makes individuals feel empowered. The desire to learn never dies. After people start learning how to code, there is always that desire to learn more.

Credit: TEDx Talks

  1. Helps in Developing Problem-Solving Skills:
    Coding, like other languages you learn, has its own set of rules. A programmer is required to work in line with these rules. By understanding and following how to use these rules, learners begin to use their logic to help them overcome problems that might arise. Coding involves a lot of problem-solving.

Hence, learning to code greatly improves your problem-solving skills. You also learn how to get creative and pay attention to how to make certain things easy to use and effective. You should learn to code!

Online Coding Courses
Now, if you want to make use of your free time, you can learn to code at home for free. Below are a few online coding courses you can sign up for if you wish to learn to code:



Khan Academy



So, these are 5 reasons why everyone should learn how to code. We hope you are inspired enough to learn how to code now.

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